REACH 2.0 and Virgin Megastore, MENA hand in hand





REACH 2.0 and Virgin Megastore Headquarters have signed a strategic agreement for Digital Media

services for the MENA region.

REACH 2.0 will be managing and representing Virgin Megastore online social media platforms,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, by covering all the products, offers and events of Virgin


REACH 2.0 will be managing three brands in the MENA region; Virgin Megastore in the G.C.C and Levant,

IQ for U.A.E and Qatar and UPlay, based in Bahrain.

Also, REACH 2.0 will be responsible for localizing the content for the brands in the mentioned countries.

Virgin Megastore is a global leader in retail entertainment with stores in 50 countries throughout the

globe, including the Middle East.

A one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, Virgin Megastore offers a wide range of products,

including CDs, books, games, movies and the latest in technology, offering an innovative entertainment

destination for the young and young at heart with its unique shopping experience. Catering to local

cultures through events, activities and support of local artists in each market it enters.


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