Making Things Simple With Twitter


At first those 140 characters might seem confusing but it’s actually simpler than we think.

The average person enters into 3 phases with Twitter:


1. Exploration phase: where you are only observing what other people are posting on Twitter

2. Love and hate phase: where you start posting some content and receive little engagement, might have less than 100 followers. This is an important milestone where you either see Twitter as a confusing unnecessary platform or start liking it!

3. Addiction phase: where you start to understand how things get along with Twitter, have a decent number of followers and engagement.

Here are some tips to survive all phases:

1. Have a clear and interesting bio, clear location and profile picture. That will bring you followers.

2. Follow people whom you find have interesting content and also follow your friends.

3. Post interesting content that is not personal, we are not really interested in what you had for breakfast today.

4. Use hashtags (#) this will make your Tweets more visible. Also check the trending hashtags when posting.

5. Become a citizen journalist & post things and events happening now around you. Make your tweets genuine and interesting. If you are posting other people content, you must mention them in your tweet, it is good for your credibility.

6. Retweet and Favorite tweets you find interesting. It is a simple way to show appreciation to the content you like. And most importantly the person you Tweet can reply to you & follow you in return.

7. Don’t follow more than double the people who follow you back. That will make you look desperate for attention.

Finally, what makes you important is the content you post, simply because content is king in social media.

By Ali Dahmash @AliDahmash





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