The following are the demographics of Facebook users in Qatar which was produced by REACH 2.0 analysts.

Qatar Demographics

As part of our monthly social activities, REACHers enjoyed a nice brunch at Makador.

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This is a comparison infograph for the three telecoms in Jordan which was produced by REACH 2.0 analysts a few weeks ago.

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In collaboration with Partners Jordan, REACH 2.0 conducted a 1 day workshop for entrepreneurs on how to empower women using the latest in Social Media platforms. You can check the activities of Partners Jordan by checking their website

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Part of Reach 2.0 social activities; Reachers arranged a visit to the Children’s Museum in April 2012, The Children’s Museum Jordan, a non-profit educational organization. The Museum offers over 150 indoor and outdoor permanent exhibits and educational facilities such as the library and art studio along with year round educational programs and events. We enjoyed the Museum facility and played team games. It was fun!

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Al Jazeera well known Latin America Reporter Dima Khatib Tweetup was held at Landmark Amman in 28 May 2012. During this event, Tweeps took the opportunity to discuss political and social changes in the Arab world with Dima (who is the Chief Correspondent of Al Jazeera in Latin America reporter in ALJazeera). Dima also gave a brief about the situation in the Latin America especially Venezuela.

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ALWANE Jordan committee members held a tweetup at REACH 2.0 offices that was attended by a number of activists and members of the general public who discussed the most important issues and exchanged ideas about the current situation of women in Jordan.

You can follow ALWANE on Facebook and Twitter

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This is our latest demographics of Facebook users in Jordan

Advanced Social Media Strategies Training Course took place on 10th of September at our training facility. Our expert team provided the necessary aspects for writing a social media strategy plan, how to strategize the online campaign, the team also explained the use of 3rd party applications together with social media ethics and how they can be applied to enhance business transaction.

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REACH 2.0 has conducted a customized “Advanced Social Media” course for Arabia Weddings. The 2 days course included social media planning and strategies and the industry best practices.

Arabia Weddings is a bilingual online comprehensive platform for the Wedding industry in the Middle East. Arabia Weddings offers online wedding planning services to help brides & grooms-to-be to plan their perfect wedding. It provides an online directory of 1000s of suppliers in many Arab countries, interactive planning tools, great tips & advice, amazing special deals and a lot more. Visit for more information.