About us

REACH 2.0 is the total solution provider for internet marketing services that leverages a wide range of Social Media platforms, custom applications and internet solutions to drive traffic to your website identify leads and increase company sales.

By capitalizing on the power of the web, REACH 2.0 is well positioned to use the Social Media trinity: technology, distribution and conversation to grow, segment and nurture leads; giving you a good bang for the dollar.

Our technical experience and skills in in-bound and out-bound marketing, design and optimization, monitoring and analysis allow us to easily set up and implement comprehensive and diverse internet marketing strategies that start with your initial keyword strategy to develop content to building or managing your profiles online all the way through to analyzing, evaluating and refining your strategies in order to adapt to emerging trends, respond to consumer behavior and generate value for your business.

In other words,

We’ll help you make a real “splash” in the world of the internet!


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Strengths & Benefits

In being a total service provider and an outsourcing partner; we can guide, train and advice clients to help them engage audience and develop an online presence that has maximum impact; since knowing where to start or how to begin may not always be a straightforward exercise but a complicated endeavor with associated benefits and risks. So, given the strong knowledge of diverse Media platforms, we can guide you through every step of the way by monitoring your performance 24/7 to ensure that your campaign, really and truly, is a SUCCESS.

REACH 2.0 has been operating in U.S.A and Jordan since 2010 with dedicated staff and a reputable portfolio of clients in Jordan, UAE, Egypt, USA and the G.C.C

In 2014, we expanded our operation in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.


To better understand the needs of clients and to increase their brand exposure by engaging with the client targeted audience through effective social media.


Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to be the leader in customer service facilitator in the social media industry. This is possible by the total dedication of the company’s team and our awareness of the industry and the clients needs.

Our objective is to be the leading innovator in online marketing in the U.S.A and the Middle East and promote our services and products by utilizing our sales force and online presence.

Business integrity, strong work ethics and supported by a qualified experienced team is important to our business.